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Robert Fox would like to welcome you to his web site www.photopaws.co.uk. Robert is one of the leading location pet photographers in the UK and is very well know at cat shows throughout the UK. Cat/Pet photography has been Roberts main field of photography for many years, but now also specialises in portraiture in the comfort of your own home. One new service that he has added very recently is photo parties, all you have to do is arrange for friends, family etc to come to the party at your house, as the host you will have your photo shoot free for arranging and hosting the photo party, please contact Robert for more information.
Robert has had a large amount of his Cat/Pet work published in magazines, books and packaging over many years, throughout the world.
For cat, dog and other pets Robert would be happy to quote you for a home visit to photograph your pets in the comfort of their own home, this is especially useful for owners who do not show their pets and wish to have them photographed and for breeders to have all their breeding cats and dogs photographed for their web site.
To find out which cat shows Robert will be attending please go to the news page.



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